Summer updates: trips and summer schools.

It is once again that time of year when, after a solid few weeks of peace, university campus returns to its former state of a frenzied zoo. This down-time brought on by the lack of seminars or undergraduate students milling about had its perks, but also it had extinguished some of my motivation at the … Continue reading Summer updates: trips and summer schools.

Perks of a PhD life: seeing the world!

A lot has happened since I last wrote. It is now August (...AUGUST!?) and the department is eeriely quiet, now that the undergrads are gone and research group meetings are on hold. As an early PhD student, I am just beginning to understand the monotony of coming in to work, battle with computer code, obtain … Continue reading Perks of a PhD life: seeing the world!

CAPS 2016: Glasgow

The first day of the Conference of Astronomy and Physics Students (CAPS), Friday the 24th June, was a bittersweet affair. As the dire results of the EU referendum were announced, a 140-odd group of young, eager scientists was left feeling sombre and disappointed for reasons I need not name. It really is impossible to think of a … Continue reading CAPS 2016: Glasgow

Physoc Does CERN!

Organising your first international group trip is not easy. Having previously taken a handful of members of Warwick's Physics Society to Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, leading a similar-sized group abroad took a lot more preparation - to the extent where I was quite honestly hoping the trip would just be over as soon as possible. … Continue reading Physoc Does CERN!

CAPS 2014: St Andrew’s

This post may be long overdue, but it is most definitely necessary! I have recently had the pleasure of attending my first annual Conference of Astronomy and Physics Students, which was hosted in no other than the picturesque venue of St. Andrew's University, Scotland. This is a weekend organised by the IOP's University Student Network, … Continue reading CAPS 2014: St Andrew’s