Summer updates: trips and summer schools.

It is once again that time of year when, after a solid few weeks of peace, university campus returns to its former state of a frenzied zoo. This down-time brought on by the lack of seminars or undergraduate students milling about had its perks, but also it had extinguished some of my motivation at the … Continue reading Summer updates: trips and summer schools.

Perks of a PhD life: seeing the world!

A lot has happened since I last wrote. It is now August (...AUGUST!?) and the department is eeriely quiet, now that the undergrads are gone and research group meetings are on hold. As an early PhD student, I am just beginning to understand the monotony of coming in to work, battle with computer code, obtain … Continue reading Perks of a PhD life: seeing the world!

Start of Meteorological Autumn

1st September: the first day of meteorological autumn, which lasts for three months exactly, ending on the 30th November. Having grown up with seasons defined by equinoxes and solstices [1], it was until recently a strange concept to me that meteorologists use the actual calendar to define seasons. It turns out that statistics, calculations and averages … Continue reading Start of Meteorological Autumn

Katie’s Stormy Moods

Easter weekend 2016 witnessed an angry visitor land on the shores of the UK. First disrupting the peace in Cornwall, subsequently working her way north-eastwards towards Norfolk, Katie the Storm was the 11th named storm since the system began last year as a public project. She was a bit of a hotshot: here on Easter Sunday … Continue reading Katie’s Stormy Moods